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School Behavior Policy

2020-21 School Behavior Policy

General Rules

  1. Obey and show respect to school property and all school personal, students and parents.
  2. Use appropriate language with others. Threats of any kind will be taken seriously and promptly investigated.
  3.  Gum,sodas,candy,chips,toys and personal property are not permitted at school.
  4. Walk at all times while on the grounds
  5. keep backpacks, feet and hands to yourself.
  6. Toy Guns and are not permitted at school and are probable cause for suspension.
  7. Remain on school grounds during school hours and bring a note from a parent to obtain permission to leave youth services program after school.
  8. No fighting or "Play fighting" on school grounds.
  9. Walk Bicycles to and from compound. Bicycles must have a lock. A helmet must be worn. A signed " Bicycle Safety Agreement" must be on file in the office. Bicycle and skateboard use is not permitted on school grounds.

Morning Arrival

  1. Dorris place attendance area students are to enter through the Dorris Place gate or Altman St. Gate.
  2. Please do not use the front door of main building or teachers' parking lot gate.
  3. Front door to be used by children only when accompanied by an adult (Before and after school)
  4. Enter grounds after 7:30 a.m. only if you are having breakfast
  5. Enter the ground after 7:50 a.m. if you are not having breakfast.
  6. Children are to sit/stand before school as games are not scheduled before school.
  7. On rainy days after 7:45am go directly to class after breakfast in the auditorium.
  8. Grades k-6 go directly to the line after the 7:55 a.m. bell.
  9. School Readiness Language Development (SRDLP) classes go directly to the SRDLP  line- up areas at 7:50 a.m.

Meal Standards

  1. Once seated, stay seated. Raise your hand for permission (from aide) to leave your seat.
  2. Food/snacks are not to be shared. Snacks are are to be eaten in the lunch area only.
  3. Food/snacks are not to be removed from the lunch area
  4. Water/juice bottles are not to be removed from the lunch area
  5. Litter is to be disposed of properly.

Dress Standards

  1. A uniform look is preferred: white from the waist up (shirt,Blouse);dark blue from the waist down (pants, skirt, etc.)
  2. Caps/visors/hairnets/bandanas are not to be worn inside classrooms.
  3. Safe and appropriate clothing/shoes with socks are to worn.
  4. Items not to be worn are:pants larger than 1 size above the student's waist or inseam size; pants which touch the ground, are frayed, split up the sides; belt buckles with letters or numbers; oversized T-shirts/sweatshirts/undershirts;shirts or sweatshirts which advertise tobacco,drugs,alcohol,sex,vulgar language, gangs, graffiti; hats (worn inside the classrooms); midriff or backless tops;short skirts;and  shorts shorter than mid-thigh length.
  5. Accessories not to be worn are; Dark Glasses (non-perscription); large rings; earrings that hang below the bottom of the ear lobe (hoops, dangling earrings); hanging belts/chains, Bracelets, lip gloss, make-up, and nail polish.